A Workshop in the Home Processing of Meat

A workshop in the home processing of meat and sausage making. We will follow the process from cooler to the table. Come learn about:

- basic cuts of the animal
- how to pump and prime bacon and ham for smoking
- lard rendering
- sausage making: grind meat, mix seasoning, stuff and tie casings

The workshop will take place at Mike Hardler’s farm processing room. He will demonstrate on professional equipment as well as a home kitchen grinder.

Sunday November 20, 1-4 pm
The Hardler Farm
11 Hardler Farm Road (off of Niles Pond Road between 191 and 371)
Honesdale, PA 18431

RSVP: lucia@lrw.net
570-224-4653 or 212-254-3551

Suggested donation of $20

Sponsored by:
Upper Delaware Chapter, Weston A. Price Foundation
Transition Honesdale

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