what we eat…

Don’t forget to register for the Healthy Life Summit. It’s a free online conference with 35 talks on real food, farming, kids’ health and sustainable living.

Congratulations to Sarabeth Matilsky for her devoted process of healing her family! Her latest blog describes what her family eats three years after embarking on the GAPS diet. Sarabeth lives in upstate NY and is an inspiring reminder that change is possible! I encourage you to check out her blog that includes some great recipes:

I also recommend Machaelle Small Wright’s book/e-book, The Perelandra Garden Workbook. This link includes times for the coming equinox and solstice cycle and an excerpt that explains why we recognize and celebrate solstice and equinox days with nature. She has a very simple but profound ceremony.

Welcome Spring!
It’s pussy willow time!
and the equinox arrived this morning March 20th around 7 am.

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