Blue Frog and The Legend of Chocolate

One of the things I like to collect is children’s stories about food that usually include a recipe at the end of the book. Recently we found this at the library:

Blue Frog The Legend of Chocolate
by Dianne de las Casas

Its a Mexican legend of a blue frog who brought chocolate to the people. They had to steal it from the Sun God who thought the cocoa bean was a divine food for the gods only! Here’s the recipe at the end of the book:

3 tsp cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla
4 tsp sucanat (optional)
2/3 cup boiling water (use milk to make it richer)
Chile or chipotle powder, to taste

Place cocoa power, vanilla, and sugar in a mug. Pour in boiling water. Mix thoroughly. Add a dash of chile powder and mix. Delicioso! The Aztecs put chile in their chocolate. The Europeans later added sugar. To make it a wapf recipe, I put whipped cream on top, and/or coconut oil or butter in the hot liquid. Get those healthy fats in there! And remember to use a fair trade, organic chocolate for best flavor and sustainable farming practices.

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