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Don’t forget to register for the Healthy Life Summit. It’s a free online conference with 35 talks on real food, farming, kids’ health and sustainable living.

Congratulations to Sarabeth Matilsky for her devoted process of healing her family! Her latest blog describes what her family eats three years after embarking on the GAPS diet. Sarabeth lives in upstate NY and is an inspiring reminder that change is possible! I encourage you to check out her blog that includes some great recipes:

I also recommend Machaelle Small Wright’s book/e-book, The Perelandra Garden Workbook. This link includes times for the coming equinox and solstice cycle and an excerpt that explains why we recognize and celebrate solstice and equinox days with nature. She has a very simple but profound ceremony.

Welcome Spring!
It’s pussy willow time!
and the equinox arrived this morning March 20th around 7 am.

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Lentil Soup and a New York Chocolate Cake

Lately, my girls have snubbed alot of my food. Is it the age (they are seven, almost 8)? Is it that my food is not very tasty lately due to stress and distraction? Is it some imbalance in their gut flora? Or are their bodies wanting/needing something I haven’t figured out yet? All these issues follow me around and haunt me in the kitchen, everyday. I do not like to hear my children say they don’t like what I just made for them. I love it when they say “this is delicious soup, Mommy!” and thankfully, I do get both. Tonight I got the thumbs up:

Left over lentils (originally soaked overnight and slow cooked in half broth, half water)
Hijiki, parboiled
Broccolli bits and shredded carrots
Sauteed celery and red onions
Zesty organic tomato sauce
Chicken stock that was very rich in gelatin
Served over rice noodles, or plain with some yogurt
Grilled cheese sandwich (sourdough bread with raw cheddar).

Tomato sauce and cream are life savers that add flavor and satisfying fats to a soup. We also like cake. And we like New York. So, we created a…

New York Chocolate Cake! (gluten free)

1/4 cup coconut flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
pinch salt
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1 cup grated beets (or carrots)
4 eggs
1 cup grated apples (2 large or 3 small apples)
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup melted butter (melted lard to make these dairy free-it’s just as good!)
1 cup cocoa powder
½ cup sugar of choice (optional, the apples and beets provide enough sugar)

Preheat the oven to 350F.
Shred apples and beets or carrots
Mix dry ingredients into a bowl: (coconut flour, baking soda, salt, shredded coconut, cocoa)
Whisk eggs in a separate bowl to combine the yolks and whites
Mix in the vanilla extract
Stir in the grated apples and beets and the butter
Mix wet ingredients into dry and stir well
Taste for sweetness and add optional sugar if needed for your taste)
Pour into buttered 9 inch cake pan
Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until knife pulls out clean.

Ice with cream cheese/honey icing:
1 lb cream cheese, 1/2/ cup butter, add honey to taste.
Mix in food processor.
Decorate with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

It would make a good 4th of July cake too!

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April-August 2012

The Upper Delaware Chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation and the Upper-Delaware Chapter of Slow Food USA present a Five-Part Series on Traditional Cooking. Learn the basic principles of healthy diets and build community through potluck meetings and celebrations.

The workshops cover how to transition to a healthy, delicious diet based on traditional food preparation methods. We will present an introduction and theory on how to maximize the nutritional value of local, fresh meat, vegetables, milk and eggs. We will discuss how to stock your pantry with appropriate ingredients on a limited budget using locally produced ingredients wherever possible. There will be samples to taste and recipes to take home.

SUNDAYS 12:30-3:30 p.m.

$150.00 for the course.
$30.00 per session
Membership discount for Weston A. Price Members, Slow Food members, NOFA-NY and PASA members: $125. for the course, $25.00 a session.

Hills Country Inn
6 Hills Resort Road
Callicoon Center, New York 12733

Broth is Beautiful and Fats are Sacred!
Broth is a nutrient dense food that serves as a base for many healthy dishes. It is also a healing food for all ages. Eat healthy fats and prepare delicious and nutritious soups, broths and stews using traditional methods. We will discuss chicken, beef, and fish broth, and use grass fed meats from local farms. Check out the Perpetual Broth of the Nourished Kitchen. Handouts: Fats Basics / Broth Basics.

MAY 20
Grains, Nuts, Beans, and Seeds: Gift to Humankind?
It’s all in the Preparation!
Traditional methods of preparing whole grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes to maximize digestion and absorption of nutrients. Be Kind to Your Grains / No Knead SourDough / Three Seed Porridge. Handout: Grain Basics.

Raw Dairy/Cultured Dairy: Friend or Enemy?
It Depends on the Milk!

We will discuss the health benefits of cultured dairy such as yogurt, kefir, and butter, and learn about local, raw milk regulations and sources of cow and goat milk. Raw Milk Guide / 101 Uses for Soured Raw Milk. Handouts: Butter Basics / Milk Basics.

Fermentation: The Oldest Culture on Earth!
Lacto Fermentation is the traditional method of pickling your garden produce with salt, not vinegar. Homemade fermented beverages is a way to drink your minerals and replenish your gut with healthy flora. Come learn all about sauerkraut, pickles, kimchee, gingerale, beet kvass, water kefir, and kombucha. You will be amazed at what you can make at home! Who needs soda pop with these bodacious beverages?. An interview with Hannah of Kombucha Kamp. Handout: Fermentation Basics.

Traditional Treats for Children and Adults
Can we make treats without processed and refined sugars? We will explore chocolate, muffins, cake icing, beef jerky, and crispy nuts. Two children may accompany each adult to this one! Healthy Snacks Video by Sarah Pope. Handout: Treats Basics

Instructors: Lucia Ruedenberg-Wright, Maria Grimaldi (Weston A. Price Foundation Upper Delaware Chapter Leaders)

Membership discount for NOFA-NY members, Weston A. Price Members and Slow Food members. $125. For the course $25.00 a session.

Call for reservations and information Maria Grimaldi 845-482-4164

Recommended Reading:

Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon
Full Moon Feast, Jessica Prentice
Wild Fermentation, Sandor Ellix Katz
From the Soil to the Stomach, Penny Kelly
With Love From Grandmother’s Kitchen, Monica Corrado
Cure Tooth Decay, Ramiel Nagel
Rebuild From Depression, Amanda Rose
Gut and Psychology Syndrome, Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD

WAPF website: Principles of Healthy Diets
WAPF website: Modernizing your Diet with Traditional Foods
WAPF website: Healthy Eating Shouldn’t Cost an Arm and a Leg
Sarah Pope’s website and blog: The Healthy Home Economist
Hannah Springer’s website and blog: Earth Body Balance
Jenny McGruther’s website and blog: The Nourished Kitchen
Monica Corrado’s website of traditional techniques: Cooking for Well Being

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A Workshop in the Home Processing of Meat

A workshop in the home processing of meat and sausage making. We will follow the process from cooler to the table. Come learn about:

- basic cuts of the animal
- how to pump and prime bacon and ham for smoking
- lard rendering
- sausage making: grind meat, mix seasoning, stuff and tie casings

The workshop will take place at Mike Hardler’s farm processing room. He will demonstrate on professional equipment as well as a home kitchen grinder.

Sunday November 20, 1-4 pm
The Hardler Farm
11 Hardler Farm Road (off of Niles Pond Road between 191 and 371)
Honesdale, PA 18431

RSVP: lucia@lrw.net
570-224-4653 or 212-254-3551

Suggested donation of $20

Sponsored by:
Upper Delaware Chapter, Weston A. Price Foundation
Transition Honesdale

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